Sunday, August 27, 2006

Claiming this blog in Technorati

The sole purpose of this post is to signal Technorati that I am "claiming" this blog.

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-- Jack Krupansky

My political opinions and commentary

My political opinions and commentary can be found over on my Political Desk blog.

-- Jack Krupansky

Pluto is still a planet

Contrary to the ranting of some so-called "scientists", Pluto is still a planet.

Scientific"opinion" is always subject to change and frequently does.

My reasoning is:

  1. There is no valid reasoning for a minimum size per se.
  2. There is no valid reasoning for physical composition per se.
  3. Sufficient mass to give the body a spherical shape due to gravity is a sound argument.
  4. Orbiting around the Sun rather than primarily around another planet/body is a sound argument.
  5. I can accept that scientists might tentatively revoke Pluto's status as a planet, but that tenative status revocation should remain tentative for at least five if not ten years to permit subsequent reasoning and actual scientific experiments to validate the revocation. Mistakes can be made, and only the passage of time is sufficient protection against grevious error. Spur of the moment Passion should never be a basis for scientific judgment.

As far as the asteroid goes, I would say that the jury should remain out until we have sufficiently clear measurements and images to clearly see the shape of the body. I saw the picture, but it was way too fuzzy to say that it is definitive. It certainly looked round, but we all know how deceiving looks can be. I see no valid arguments per se against a planet existing within the asteroid belt.

-- Jack Krupansky

Ads from the Google AdSense program

This blog has ads displayed by Google's AdSense program, for which I gain a modest commission if you click on them. My older blogs also had AdSense ads, but I had to manually add the HTML script code to display them. In this new blog, I am using built-in support for AdSense that is provided by Blogger (which is part of Google).

Let me know if they seem too obnoxious or if you feel that a different layout who be more sensible.

-- Jack Krupansky

Welcome to my opinion

This is my new blog dedicated simply to presenting my opinions on topics that do not fit into any of my other blogs, such as my Political Desk, my Finaxyz finance blog, or my blog on blogging in general.

-- Jack Krupansky