Sunday, October 22, 2006

People are such ****ing pigs!

With constrained disgust I read the article in the NY Times by Jeff Bailey entitled "Beware of the Squish Behind the Jet Seat" about the great difficulty that all airlines are having keeping planes clean or at least sanitary. But, there was one important element left out of the story. Although I agree that the airlines themselves need to keep their planes clean no matter what, the real problem is the root cause: WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE SUCH ****ING PIGS?!?!


Sure, everybody makes a mess now and then, but what ever happened to the ethic of cleaning up after yourself?

Why do so many people feel so little compulsion to leave their environment as clean if not cleaner than they found it?

How... how did we become such a Nation of Pigs??

Geez... I'm half convinced that I must be from another planet.

-- Jack Krupansky


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