Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Joker

I am really looking forward to the new batman movie. I almost have trouble remembering the actual name of the movie (okay, it is The Dark Knight), but it might as well be called The Joker. Sure, the movie has a bunch of great actors, but the performance by Heath Ledger is what this movie is really all about. I have seen a couple of trailers a bunch of times, and there is no question that his Joker is a truly world-class performance. Even if he had not recently died, his performance would stand out. Even if the scenes in the trailers are all of his best scenes, the movie will still be him as its central focus.

I am actually not a Heath Ledger fan per se or even a Batman fan (well, maybe a little), but I continue to be blown away by his performance every time I see the trailer... "Why so sad?"... "Here's my card"... "Kill 'the bat man""...

I don't imagine that The Joker will survive the movie with a "happy ending", but there is nothing like an outrageous villain, provided, of course, that "justice" prevails in the end.

My only question is whether his role is considered a "leading" role so that he can be in the running for "Best Actor."

-- Jack Krupansky


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