Thursday, February 05, 2009

Save lots of money at Eddie Bauer online clearance

I have been wearing casual shirts from Eddie Bauer for a number of years. Usually, I pick them up on sale at the local store in the winter or spring in the $15 to $20 range, usually for odd colors that were in lower demand (orange, dark red). Unfortunately, there is no local Eddier Bauer store where I live now. There used to be a couple here in Manhattan, but they are gone now. There are a couple outside of the city, but not near enough to be convenient for me. I have been checking online in hope of seeing a little "deflation", but the cheapest I saw was $20 plus a $3 service fee and $5 shipping for their traditional "solid color signature twill" cotton shirt. Ouch. Besides, they were very low on stock, so I couldn't save money by buying a bunch of them.

But this morning I decided to see if they had a separate "clearance" section, separate from the usual "sale" offerings, and they do. Click here for Eddie Bauer Online clearance.

Unfortunately, they did not have any of the my usual solid color signature twill shirts available in my size. Besides, the price was still way up at $20.

But, they had just added the "original patterned signature twill" shirt to the clearance section for $11. Sure, they only had some odd color in my size ("Night"??), but the price was definitely right. This is regularly a $40 shirt. The solid color shirt I usually got listed for $5 less ($35.) What a great deal. I ordered four of them for $52 including all those charges and fees, so that works out to $13 each. That works for my budget.


-- Jack Krupansky


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