Sunday, July 03, 2011

Some philosophy discussion topics

Here are a few of the philosophy discussion topics that I happened to scribble down on a recent cross-country flight:
  1. Politics, games, and pragmatism
  2. What is a better life?
  3. Rhetoric vs. facts
  4. Rhetoric vs. reasoning
  5. Is analogy a form of reasoning?
  6. Are there limits to responsibility?
  7. What is fair?
  8. What is the relationship between knowledge and power?
  9. How much of what we know is wrong?
  10. What is the meaning of a tree?
  11. Is it your money?
  12. Can reality be wrong?
  13. Could reasoning have stopped Hitler?
  14. How much is too much money?
  15. Who wants to be a trillionaire?
  16. Relationship between price and value.
  17. Is there a limit to helping those in need?
  18. What is honor?
  19. What are the limits of honor?
  20. What is dignity?
  21. What are the limits of dignity?
  22. What is wisdom?
  23. What are the causes of wisdom?
  24. What are the limits of wisdom?
  25. What is proof of anything?
  26. How strong a link implies causality?
  27. How does the universe work?
  28. Was there a time before time?
  29. Do we know too much?
  30. Can knowledge be dangerous?
  31. Can knowledge be immoral?
  32. Is suspicion worth the trouble?
  33. Value of speculation.
  34. Relationship between truth and power.
  35. What are the limits of power?


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