Sunday, December 21, 2008

My guess as to what "Seven Pounds" is all about was correct -- Spoiler?

I did see Seven Pounds, the new Will Smith movie and my guess at the hidden surprise climax was correct, although there were plenty of quirky details along the way and the expected climax did play out with an interesting and unexpected twist. I won't mention any of the details or otherwise "spoil" the experience for people who are going to see the film.

Will has a very definite "plan" in the movie, but it just seems odd that anybody would concoct and execute such a plan. But at least to my mind that is easily explained by one simple revelation in the movie (not really a spoiler here) -- he is an engineer who graduated from MIT. Only an engineer would come up with such a plan as his.

Overall, the movie was okay, not great but not terrible. It is not possible to point to another movie to compare it to, partially because I do not know of one and mostly because even if I did it might spoil the surprise value.

I will offer another detail that is not really a spoiler -- the ubiquitous Blackberry is the real villian in the movie. Without the Blackberry, Will never would have made his horrible mistake. The Blackberry comes off as being pure evil, even more evil than cigarettes.

-- Jack Krupansky


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