Sunday, July 08, 2007

Global hypocrisy crisis

This weekend was the big Live Earth concert series. I have no doubt that there was a lot of great music and a lot of good feelings about environmental goodness and stuff that is allegedly "green" and that it was a milestone for Al Gore and the whole global warming/climate change social movement, but does any of it help "The Environment" in the long term? I suspect that the promoters of the movement would say "Yes, absolutely!", but I kind of doubt it. The bottom line is that the whole global warming/climate change "crisis" movement is nothing more than a vast global hypocrisy. Countless millions will be duped into engaging in countless activities of dubious environmental value and conned and arm-twisted into spending hundreds of billions of dollars on all manner of "reform" that in the end won't "move the needle" on the global climate any further than natural climate volatility.

Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of plenty of environmentally beneficial changes (conservation, energy efficiency improvement, alternative energy sources, less use of fossil fuels, higher fuel economy, cutting deforestation, replanting forests, etc.), but none of them requires a "movement" or conning people into believing that a "crisis" is upon us. Personally, I'm motivated by common sense and offended by anything other than common sense.

The only crisis being faced here is that Al Gore and the whole global climate change "movement" might quickly fade into irrelevance. Actually, the bigger "crisis" for the movement is that cynical politicians and profit-motivated big business will completely co-opt the movement and leave true environmental stewardship completely behind. But that's what you get when you try to make a pact with the devil.

If Michael Moore thinks that Big Pharma and the AMA are making us sick, wait until he sees how the same kind of people can shift into "Big Green" and simultaneously take all our money *and* make a mash of the environment far worse than the current situation.

-- Jack Krupansky


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