Saturday, July 14, 2007

Are you a global warming skeptic?

You read about polls which strongly suggest that a lot of people want something done about global warming, but shouldn't we judge people by their actions rather than their words? How many people do you know who are driving a lot less? How empty are the parking lots at popular malls and stadiums and entertainment districts? How often do you notice that there are very few cars on the road during rush hour?

Yeah, I thought so.

Regardless of what people say, I can see very little evidence that people are voting with their feet and keeping their cars and trucks off the streets and highways.

Judging by their actions, people are voting a very emphatic No to the concept of actually doing very much in their daily lives to show that they give a hoot about global warming.

Sure, there are some people who do care and have mended their ways, but they are a very distinct minority that is not even coming close to swelling.

In essence, by continuing to drive so much, most people might as well have bumper stickers on their cars and trucks that say "I am a Global Warming Skeptic."

Oh, and how many of those drivers are "committed" enough to fighting global warming and climate change that they refrain from using their vehicle air conditioning in the Summer? I thought so.

BTW, I don't drive, don't own a vehicle, and don't even have a drivers license anymore (my own choice.) That suggests that even though I verbally reject the dogma on global warming, my actions suggest that I must be a true believer! As they say, "Go figure."

-- Jack Krupansky


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